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Learning to play golf and improve over time is both fun and challenging. Our staff can help you attain the knowledge and practice skills that will allow you to rise to the challenge, while making your golf journey interesting and rewarding throughout.

Fundamentals First

There are no miracle cures in this game, but a proper understanding of sound fundamentals with the goal of understanding what produces consistent golf shots will enhance your progress. Proper fundamentals begin with basic body alignments in stance, posture, ball position, and club face. If we fully understand the new ball flight laws, we can diagnosis our golf shots and use cause and effect to our benefit. There is a great deal of new information out to help you with power and consistency. Why use a complicated motion, when a simpler yet powerful one is available?

The Importance of The Short Game

A recent article in The Oregonian about New Year’s resolutions stated, “The best medicine that no one wants to take is exercise.” In golf, we could change the sentence to, “The best medicine to improve your golf score that no one wants to do is practice the short game.” Putting, chipping and pitching make up a large portion our score. Over the course of most rounds, nearly 50% of the average golfer's strokes are taken with a putter and/or wedges! Because putting, chipping, and pitching are the shortest simplest strokes, they can be learned and mastered at a faster rate. Proper body alignments, ball position and club face position greatly influence the outcome. Our experienced staff of professionals can help you with short game swing motion and show you drills to help ensure your progress and continued improvement.

Coaching Works!

In golf, feel is not always real. A player may think he is doing one thing, when in actuality, he may be doing the opposite. A coach can help keep your growth and development as a golfer moving on the right path. There is a reason the world's best golfers utilize the experience and expertise of coaches - they produce results that can be seen on the course!

Golf is an amazing game! Nothing beats the reward of seeing a long drive reach its’ destination, or the feel of a crisp iron shot hit in the center of the club face. With the right plan, you can truly enjoy the journey while you are reaching your goals.

Golf Instruction Request

For additional information on The Reserve's coaching programs, contact our Director of Instruction, Craig Griswold, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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